Spring 2024 P/NC (Pass/No Credit) Option

Please log in with your myQC/CAMS credentials to submit/rescind your P/NC request for Spring 2024.  The deadline to submit requests is May 15, 2024-No exceptions to the deadline!

P/NC Policy

  1.     Students can use the Pass/No Credit (P/NC) grading option for one course per semester (Fall and Spring) and only one course each for the winter and/or summer sessions.  Note that Summer Sessions I and II count as one session.  If the P/NC option is used for Summer Session I, it cannot also be used for Summer Session II (and vice versa).
  2.     If selected, the P/NC grading option for eligible courses means that students who earn a passing grade of A+ through D will receive a P grade instead of a letter grade and credits for the course.  Alternatively, if a failing grade (F) is earned, a grade of NC (No Credit) will be assigned, which will not affect the cumulative GPA.
  3.     Students who elect the P/NC option must continue to attend class; complete all assignments; and complete the final.   If a student does not attend the course or due to excessive absences the instructor has no basis on which to submit a final grade, an Unofficial Withdrawal (WU) may be assigned.  The grade of WU cannot be converted to an NC.  Only an earned failure (F) is converted to an NC.
  4.     Students may not P/NC courses in majors or minors as well as most prerequisite courses toward majors and minors (without permission of the department); graduate level courses; ACE Seminar courses; CESL and ESL courses; English 110; or any Writing Intensive course (if the Writing Intensive requirement has not yet been completed).   Additionally, students who matriculated in Fall 2015 or after may not P/NC any course for CUNY Pathways/General Education.
  5.     For the Fall and Spring semesters, the deadline to elect P/NC is the last day of classes.  Prior to the deadline, students may select and deselect this option.  After the deadline, the final selection will remain and the decision is final regardless of the grading outcome for the course.    See the QC HUB’s academic calendar for the P/NC election deadline dates for the Winter and Summer Sessions.  
  6.     No more than 21 P/NC credits may be applied toward the baccalaureate degree.
  7.     Note that most graduate/professional schools may consider a P grade as a C or D grade.
  8.     More information can be found with Academic Advising. To discuss the P/NC option before opting to use this grading option, you can reach out to Academic Advising at advising@qc.cuny.edu​.
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